New Horizon Hub – 5k O.T. Walk

A large group of staff and participants from New Horizons headed out on a 5k walk on Wednesday 15th Feb at 11 am.  We locked up and everyone headed out. We were all in our runners and made sure to do a warm up and some stretching before we left.

Fortunately for us the weather was not as predicted the day before as the sun came out and it was a beautiful crisp and sunny morning.  Starting at Broomhill Close we headed down Greenhills Rd on to Tallaght Village, to Balrothery around Tymon North, passing Tymon Park on the right hand side bringing us back to the Greenhills Rd.


Everyone enjoyed the walk and it was a great way to interact and chat with our peers.  We all tried to stay together and support each other when we were getting tired towards the last hurdle.  Some staff and participants being a little more competitive!!

With Operation Transformation being part of our programme here in New Horizon we have been following Karl Henry and see the importance of regular exercise as well as a healthy diet to stay fit and well. We hope to do more 5k’s as the weather gets better as we really  are much fitter than we thought!!

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