A Personal Reflection on “Mental Self Care”

One of our participants is sharing his thoughts here on his mental health care.

It is very important that we all look after our well being and keep ourselves safe and enjoy life and each other. It is of the up most importance to look after your mental self-care when you suffer from a mental illness.

Everyone must continually remind themselves to see the bright points in their every day life.

We all need to be aware when tough things happen to us that we have a choice of how we respond.

It is much better for us if you can let go of the bad things in your life and look forward to tomorrow, be thoughtful and see all the things that are possible in your life.

We all have to learn that it is okay to be vulnerable and that no one is perfect, friendships are often the best place to show this vulnerability, good friends that will stand by you and give you the support and encouragement to share more openly are very hard to find, so when you do find a friend like this, count yourself lucky and blessed.

You must find something you love doing and let your mind get lost in doing it, with mental illness you need to live one day at a time and give thanks for the little things that gets you through the day.

You are precious, you are number one, so you must remind yourself of this daily, every day you are giving the opportunity for a new beginning, so make the most of it.

New beginnings are often about having a change of attitude about ourselves, allow yourself to feel love and compassion for yourself, the most powerful new beginning you can make is to allow yourself to love yourself, this makes us more gentler and kinder to our ourselves and others.

You need to constantly remind yourself to enjoy the moment, whatever you are doing, when you approach your day with a love for life everything becomes so much easier, you gain more confidence and start to see the positives in your life.

Look after yourself and don’t forget to smile, talk soon kind regards.


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