On Tuesday afternoon February 14th 2017 Aishling from the mental health services who is mainly based in Sheaf house Tallaght came to our centre.

Ashling is a Psychologist her talk/lecture on managing anxiety was very informative as she spoke of some of the symptoms that may occur due to having anxiety/stress.  She explained some of the symptoms you may have when you’re anxious she drew a diagram on a flip chart explaining of the body how thoughts, feelings and physical symptoms are all related and the affect they have due to having anxiety.

The analogy she used was beneficial how the body and mind changes when you’re anxious /stressed.  In the illustration she mentioned early warning signs when you’re becoming anxious and the symptoms that may occur.  The symptoms’ rotate from the mind to the body like racing thoughts, palpitations, sweaty palms, fatigue, fearful or phobias these are just some to mention.

There was a good interaction between Aishling and the group as we also discussed some of the techniques used to cope with anxiety.  Talked about thoughts that they always come and go when they are negative you can’t change them straight away but you can change thoughts to positive by realising there only thoughts.  Although when we listen to them if we don’t try be positive we become anxious.

We have a decision to listen to our negative thought or change which isn’t easy has to be worked on takes practice.  If you are anxious do something to keep yourself occupied like exercise things you need to do on a daily basis a routine.  If you’re tired try rest. Some of the techniques she mentioned I use myself like meditating when feeling anxious or stressed.  It’s a great way to relax when feeling anxious.

The main thing she said was simple that everybody gets anxious whether it’s physical, mental or emotional nobody escapes its part of who we are and what happens in our daily lives.  On a personal opinion,  I got great help and identification on the lecture of some of the techniques I use and thing I didn’t know of how to manage anxiety.

The talk was precise and accurate on the subject of anxiety.  Aishling was assertive and a good public speaker her presentation was educational and good for positive mental health and how to manage anxiety.


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