Women’s Group Outing – Aussie Outback

The Women’s group went on an outing to The Square last Wednesday. In the group were
Anne, Jamie, Martina and Julie from New Horizon Hub Tallaght.

The purpose of going to the shopping centre as a group was not immediately to
look at shops but to dine together. That morning in New horizon hub we all met up to look at where we would like to go for our meal out. We made our choice by price,
and best value for money. So yes we all t unanimously opted for the Aussie outback for the burger and coke or 7up deal.

Great we were off to a good start with the weather being good and a bit of light exercise with the walk to the Square. The group chatted and we were happy to be out and about in the local area. It was two days before St Patrick’s Day. Everyone luckily,was in good humour a little tired yes but glad to be coming along on this trip.

Along the way we met by chance a participant whose name was lisa just before reaching
the Square. We stopped to chat briefly then continued on our way which was now only a
short distance from the restaurant. On reaching the square we then took the escalator to the lower floor and outside to the restaurant. At this time the sun was shining in my eyes. I felt a fool for not bringing some sun glasses with me for shade from the bright sunny weather.

The group went into the restaurant and sure enough we spotted a table. The burger restaurant was decorated with a lot of wooden and wooden tables… There was also a fish tank which i liked a lot. The windows had pull blinds which were rolled up. After sitting down and placing our orders for burgers of chicken or beef with toppings of bacon and cheese, and to go with that chips and a mineral. We all enjoyed our well cooked meal of juicy burgers and sides of chips and salads. My god it was delicious.

What a nice day out. We finished our meal and paid the bill. Back out into the sunshine. We appreciated this outing. It had been a good day.

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