New Horizon Book Club

The New Horizon book club is a class to encourage and to enjoy the reading of books. The book club is facilitated by Gemma and Bernadette, two of our Instructors.

The first week of the New Horizon book club began on March 16th. Gemma brought in a selection of books for us to read. The choice of books was varied from American Poetry to books on Irish life. I chose a book by the American poet Maya Angelou. The book was a collection of her poems over the course of her poetry career. Her poems covered many areas from black civil rights, American culture and femininity.

The Second week of the book club involved choosing a poem or a passage from a book and to write about it. I chose a poem by Maya Angelou entitled ‘His day is done’. This poem was about the passing and life of President Nelson Mandela. It is a powerful and moving poem about a extraordinary man and leader. Check out my review on this poem in another blog piece I have written.

For the third week of the book club, it was decided that we will go to the library to pick up a book of our own choosing, to read and then to discuss it afterwards. It should be interesting and fun and I am looking forward to it.


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