Our Creative Corner 22.3.17

Time at Eve

My pastimes are reading, listening to music, going for walks and trying to eat healthy. I enjoy attending New Horizon as there is a variety of topics every day. On Tuesdays, once a month, Rua Red have a film on. There have been many great films over last year, including The Great Escape.  I walk for fifty minutes per day (Monday – Fri).  We go on outings every few months. We have been to the zoo, gone for walks, played pool tournaments and won! We also went on a trip to Dun Laoghaire with the Men’s Group.


My hopes for a summer holiday

I would love go on a holiday this summer.

I haven’t been abroad since I was in New York.

There is a great excitement about

Going on a summer holiday abroad.

I love packing my suitcase and going to the airport.

I would love to go to Barcelona

In Spain


Starting New Horizon

I started New Horizon on a Friday. I liked it from day one. The classes are very special. Over the time that I’ve been here, I noticed all the members and the staff are very friendly and all very busy doing their different jobs. I was introduced to all the members first and liked them, they were very welcoming to me.  It’s all good in the different classes and it’s wonderful there’s so much to do in the hours I’ve put in so far.  The staff have been wonderful to me. There are so many things available in New Horizon. The options are: colouring, writing for the blog, gardening, cooking and lots more. I enjoy having different options to choose from that makes me very happy. I hope that I’m able to do all that and more. I find that all I’ve done has been and is great fun. Checking in and out is a great idea. The smoking area is perfect for me and I like where I am in total. It’s wonderful and great.



Michael’s Weekly Music Review 

Elvis Presley

Kentucky Rain

Kentucky Rain reminds me of Kentucky in America with the rain going down on the grass in a wide open country.

Unchained Melody

Unchained Melody reminds me of the voice of Elvis playing for Jesus and loving every part of America and of its people and protecting its people and keeping the country safe

My Way

With the song My Way Elvis Presley does his music from an early age and builds a music empire and prestige and fame until his death in 1977 on May 16th



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