Our Book Club Poetry Review

His Day is Done    by Maya Angelou

His day is done is a poem by Maya Angelou, it is about the life and passing of President Nelson Mandela. At the beginning of the poem, Maya Angelou writes about when news of President Nelson Mandela passing is broken and the shock and sadness felt as it reaches as far as the USA and beyond. The poet then describes the grieving of the South African people and that the thoughts of the people of the United States are with them.

In the middle stanzas of the poem, Maya Angelou describes when President Nelson Mandela was released from an unjust imprisonment, and that people around the world watched in wonder as he was freed. The poet also writes that people around the world were strengthened and amazed by his bravery, dignity and forgiveness despite his suffering and ill-treatment by the Apartheid regime.

The final third stanzas of the poem, the poet writes about President Mandela’s, presidential victory and inauguration in a Country, where previously he along with the rest of the black South Africans were not even allowed to vote.  The poet also describes his forgiveness of the prison guards who previously helped keep him in jail, by inviting them to his inauguration.  Maya Angelou then goes to describe the awarding of the Nobel peace prize to President Mandela and with his acceptance of it with grace and gratitude.

At the end of the poem, the poet writes that although President Nelson Mandela has passed that, the peace of the World, through his legacy should continue his reconciliation and message of forgiveness and peace.

By Gerard     New Horizon Book Club

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