My Time in New Horizon


My Time in New Horizon


It’s almost two years, now since I was first introduced to New Horizon Hub.

When I started having no expectations, thinking it might be like a mental health club.

The staff/keyworkers were very understanding, giving me a link and outlet each day.

Motivating me with positive mental health, supporting, me when I was going astray.

I had an opportunity to do two facilitators courses which was encouraging, for me to achieve.

Doing the Co-facilitation in creative writing, hoping to do more has giving me something to believe.

Writing a poem for the twenty years celebration was a highlight of the course and personal to me.

In New Horizon there is relaxation, to help your mental health, also having a chat and a cup of tea.

Singing in the Eve factor twice gave me confidence, and chance to sing in liberty hall was a lot of fun.

I also learned that you have to tow the line and participate, if you’re not great try get things done.

Going on the outings, trips and walks in nature training in the gym and other classes helped me grow

Coming to the end of my time, at the moment I feel good, with all the banter when it’s in full flow.

I hope that my time has been beneficial to me and others that I’ve contributed enough, been apart.

Thanking the manager, staff and participants, for their help that new horizon is a bright, fresh start.


Patrick C.

P.S   Thanks to Gerard who drew these gorgeous Daffodils


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