A Personal Reflection on Positive Support and Encouragement

One of our participants wishes to share their story of how someone else’s encouragement and positive support helped them follow their dreams. We hope you enjoy.

I met the most wonderful man in the world 32 years ago. I was a lost soul sleeping rough. I was a young adult and Kevin was 20 years older than me. I met him in Grafton Street, outside McDonald’s.

I met him a few times over the week; he rescued me and took me home with him. It was the 15th of December and he booked me in to Jury’s hotel for the Christmas. He bought me new clothes and fed me well. Anything I showed interest in, he encouraged me and bought me the materials to do it.

I enjoyed making art so he got me what I needed. He guided me to do a portfolio course in Ballyfermot College. From there I went to N.C.A.D. (The National College of Art and Design) and I did a degree in fine art printmaking. A couple of years later I went back and graduated from N.C.A.D with a master’s degree in fine art sculpture.  Sadly, Kevin died 8 months ago, but he left with me the courage to carry on.

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