8 Week Goal Setting Course

The eight week Goal Setting programme was a subject that was conducted by Deirdre, a life coach.  There were ten participants to begin with, with eight participants completing the programme.  Each week covered a different topic and involved how to plan a goal and how to achieve goal.  It was great as we did lots of games and other things to relax which involved working as a team.


This is what we covered over the 8 weeks….

Finding our PASSIONS AND INTERESTS: What do we get excited about or lost in? And how does this impact on the decisions we make about our life’s direction.

SELF-BELIEF: Why self-belief is different than self-confidence and the small steps we can take every day to support our self-belief to grow.

IDENTIFYING STRENGTHS: Identifying and playing to our strengths. How knowing what we’re good at makes for good career and personal choices.

GOAL-SETTING: The practical skill of setting goals. Learning about the SMART model. Identifying what gets in our way.

IDENTIFYING THE GAPS: Seeing where the gaps are between our strengths and our goals and what we need to do to fill the gap.

MANAGING OURSELVES: Identifying good habits and how understanding ourselves means that we can manage ourselves.

ASSERTIVENESS: Learning to say no while still respecting others rights and being comfortable doing so.

WORK/LIFE BALANCE:  What’s the right balance for me and starting as I mean to go on.


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