This year we are promoting green ribbon month which falls every May. The green ribbon is designed to raise awareness of mental health issues in Ireland.  As a sufferer I can say I am encouraged to see mental health issues highlighted in the media.  Mental health problems range from mild to very severe and can be quite debilitating.

The green ribbon project we run here annually takes a lot of time and effort on the part of all the staff and participants in the centre throughout the month of May.

Once again we are putting together our ‘Have a cuppa and a chat on us’ packs. To make these it involves collecting the ribbons placing a ribbon, a tea bag, a coffee sachet, a mini pack of biscuits, a card encouraging people to talk about how they are feeling into each envelope and our centre details.  We then arrange a day where we all go out and distribute them to the public.

Last year’s green ribbon project was a great success.  We are confident it will be a success this year.

If you see us giving out the envelopes, stop and have a chat we would love to encourage you, most of us are using the mental health services.

Liam H

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