The benefits of attending New Horizon

The benefits I get from attending New Horizon are exceptional.  So far it has allowed me to form new friendships with people who are participating in the programme.  But also going to the hub has given me the necessary tools and skills to learn how to cope with my difficulties in a more effect manner. It has thought me how to develop better coping skills to fully prepare me in how to avert a crisis if one ever does happen to occur again.  Attending the centre has also giving me the opportunity to allow me to properly integrate back into the community, which is essential in helping aid me in my personal recovery.


The staff are very kind and extremely welcoming to me and all the other participants in the centre.  In terms of what there is to do, the centre offers a wide variety of different activities for me as a participant to choose from, which in turn eliminates any uncertainty that may arise when not knowing which activity I would like to take part in.


Attending the centre as a whole has succeeded in fulfilling and satisfying my personal needs and expectations, which for me, I truly believe is the main key to accomplishing flourishing recovery.  Going to the centre has given me the opportunity to continue to maintain and further improve on my communication and social skills, in how I go about interacting and socializing with the other participants and staff in the centre.

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