Our Creative Coner 3.5.17

The New Horizon Walking Group

The New Horizon Walking Group was held on Tuesday May 2nd. There were three participants and one facilitator.  The sun was shining and the birds were singing.  We went for a walk to Tallaght Village and on the way back we had a quick look at West Park fitness club.  There should be a walk every week now, on the new timetable.  I could feel the exercise afterwards in the muscles of my legs.

Book Club

Every Thursday, participants are invited to read a book. Last week we met at the front room in New Horizon (EVE) to read a book. We all got one book the previous week from Tallaght Library. Gemma (staff member) drove us to the library. The book I’ve been reading for the past few weeks is the Ronnie Whelan’s autobiography. It gives an insight into professional footballer’s lifestyle. From the beginning there are different steps to making it. A lot can depend on ability, luck, staying injury-free, getting on with players, managers and home sickness. This is my second book to read from the library. The first one was quotes on different topics  taken from  Ireland’s culture, in a humorous way. The books are read from 11.00 – 12.45 on Thursdays. At the end, each person gives an insight into what book they are reading.

About New Horizon

I find New Horizon very helpful; it gets me out of the house. It puts me in a good mood. The staff are very helpful, the people are sound.  We have a good laugh; it takes my mind off my worries. I had to take time off because of my stroke, but I missed it a lot; it’s good to be back. We had a sports day which was very enjoyable. The food is lovely.


We played a compendium of games for sports day in New Horizon, it was hilarious and was held in the centre.  We played putting on a strip of green carpet, I was hopeless, then we threw rubber rings onto a nail board (what a laugh).  We moved into the gym for a game of darts, I threw my darts everywhere but at the board. I hit the wall, the ceiling and the floor.  It was a great opportunity to bond as a group, we cheered each other on and had a great laugh together.  I’m looking forward to the next sports day because afterwards I felt relaxed and happy after such an enjoyable afternoon and I also felt closer to the other members which I hope will continue from here on in.

Michael’s Music Review

My way

With the song my way Elvis goes through his life with his music career and does the way he wanted to do in his life until the day he died.

Unchained melody

With the unchained melody Elvis gave it loads on the stage. Brilliant he sings the song on his top voice and really gets his point across.

You gave me a mountain

With the song you gave me a mountain tt really describes that God put an obstacle in front of people and it makes people know that the can’t conquer God.

Men’s Group Dun Laoghaire 

The men’s group outing was on the 12th of April. There was 3 participants going on the day. The participants met in new horizons at 9:00am.

We all got the 75 bus near the square. We were on our group outing to Dun Laoghaire

We went to starbucks for a coffee. The town was busy with people. We walked around the town and went into a few shops for a look around. One was a charity shop and one of the participants bought a religion book.

We went into a pub and restaurant called the forty foot. It is a nice place, the food and drink’s are not that expensive. We all ordered chicken dishes. The food is nice.

We got the 1:30 bus home we all enjoyed the day.


Silver surfers – Over 55’s        

One of our participants wanted to tell you about the Silver Surfers Club she goes to.

Silver Surfers

St Marks GAA Club



Time 11:00 – 2:00


To join the first 4 weeks are free

If you like it you pay £15 a year

And 3 euro every time you go.

Refreshments:          Tea coffee and a scone

What we do:

Golf, swimming, computers,

Bowling, walking, keeps fit, talks

Social activities, cultural outings,

Kitting, line dancing, painting,

Trips away, tea dances, evening out,

Visit to theatres, museums, art galleries,

and the opera.

Our Gym

I have being doing the gym about three weeks now it’s tough but I really enjoy it. I only started in New Horizons about a month ago but I really feel the benefits. I have more energy and it really helps with your mental health I would encourage more people to the gym.

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