Here at new horizon we have just finished last season’s timetable.

The staff work very hard to put a timetable together and takes plenty of effort on their part to deliver.

The highlights over the last 16 weeks for me were;

building stronger friendships with everyone at New Horizon

the art class was fantastic it gave me a whole new lease of life, being able to get lost in something I love doing is great for my mental well-being.

Going out on outings such as art galleries, pitch and putt, walk in parks, the zoo, the cinema, and so on. For some reason on these days I am able to leave my depression and worries back in the centre and enjoy myself, it’s like a dark cloud lifting and being able to see and feel everything that is good in life.

The staff do everything they can with the timetable to keep everyone entertained and happy.

We all must play our part to keep the timetable running well, as it is all of us who pick and choose what goes into the timetable.

If I enjoy the new timetable as much as I have enjoyed the last one I will be doing well.



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