Discovering our Local Community

In this block we had started a group called Discovering our community. We go out most weeks to different places in our community that may be of interest. In the last couple of weeks we have visited Threshold in Tallaght Village and Rua Red by the Square. Here is what we discovered…


I want to tell you about my trip to threshold to have a look around the centre. We met up in the coffee dock and waited for the centre manager who came after a cup of camomile tea .She gave us a tour of the centre and it’s a nice centre. They do level 4 fetac in exercise .They also do yoga, acupuncture and other stress relieving activities. I thought the centre was overall a nice environment and probably would like to go myself.

Tallaght Village - Threshold.JPG


Rua Red

A few of the members of new horizon went and visited Rua Red arts centre and café. It is located around the corner from South Dublin County Council Library just near the Square shopping centre. It is a very nice and modern building. There is a café located downstairs which is very nice. It has a small cinema where they show movies to the public, it also used for events .The name of the person in charge of running the center is Lorna. She showed us around the building and explained what  all the different rooms are used for. One of the rooms downstairs is used sometimes as an art gallery. The public can rent some of the rooms out. For example there is a music room where people can hire it out and play music there. It is €5 per person but if there a group it is more. It was interesting finding out what goes on there. It was vary enjoyable.

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