Flash Mob Event for Green Ribbon Month


It was a Friday morning. The sun was shining when a group of people made their way in from New Horizon HUB in the people carrier and on the luas. We met up at the Jervis Centre.

There was nine of us and we walked up to North Earl Street where we met up with people from other centres. Saol Clubhouse organised the whole event. There was a choir set up with about twelve people. They were giving away t-shirts, balloons and green ribbons.

At 11 o clock a whistle blew and everyone had to freeze for five minutes. The choir sang on and people took pictures. When the choir sang three songs the freeze was over and everyone clapped and let the balloons fly up to the sky. We have some pictures posted here.

Afterwards we went into ‘Anns Bakery’ and had tea, coffee and scones. We stayed for half an hour. We then made our way down to the Jervis Centre car park where the people carrier was. Some people got the luas while others got a lift back to the centre.

We had a wonderful day and it was a great achievement by Saol Clubhouse that will be remembered for a long time to come. Hope you enjoy the pictures…

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