My Day out at Retro Movies in a Classic Car

I really love the classic and vintage cars my friend owns a very cool American muse car which he has built into the car from knight rider, a TV series from the 80’s encase you didn’t know.

He usually invites me to most car shows and it’s always great fun driving to the events and watching people and the drivers and passengers in the other cars faces light up when they see the car you came in.You can see there excitement and delight. You feel like a celebrity with all the attention and photos been taken.

We were invited to the Retro drive in movies to promote it and got the VIP treatment and front row seats. One of my favourite movies was showing “BACK TO THE FUTURE”. They had a Delorean car there.

I so happy to get the opportunity to sit in it and have a picture taken. It was a brilliant experience to sit in my friends amazing car and to view a cool movie in it. We also were invited to watch a second movie Jaws which was really exciting to view from a car.

It was a brilliant experience and I had a great time.


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