Women’s Mini Marathon

This year 2017, I happily went along to the mini marathon show out in the RDS. I enjoyed some free samples of food and wine.  Then i collected my race number and goody bag and opted for the prepaid engraving of medals I hoped to obtain at the finish line.  I decided more or less to go along with a friend of a friend, and enjoy the mini marathon. I choose to walk it this year and enjoy the day.

The weather was that of fresh typical Irish day- dull, cloudy with a light breeze.  I was pleased about that.  I had taken part in the marathon a good few years in hot sticky sun.  I welcomed the cool temperatures. I might be the only one though! A lot of people enjoy sunshine and heat.  I like a bit of sunshine but I prefer the cooler weather it seems.  It did rain alot throughout the day especially at the close of the race.

I finished and collected the medal and brought it into the New Horizon hub to show off and for a small bit of chat maybe.  I must check the newspapers for the results and online at the VHI site.

So far I gather I did it in over two hours 10 or 20 minutes that’s with two stops along the way there and back.  I collected my medal and went for refreshments in town on Camden Street.  Later  when i got home I lit the stove and has a nice fire log to warm up, unwind and relax at home in peace.  I hope you like reading this short piece.

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