Our Trip to Dublin Zoo

On Wednesday 5th of July Colin and myself (Liam), took a day trip to Dublin Zoo.

We took the Luas from the Square in Tallaght, to Heuston Station and walked the rest of the way. Colin was using his electric wheelchair. We made our way up to the Zoo entrance at about 11am. The entrance fee was 17Euro, but Colin got in for 10Euro, and I got in free as a one day carer.

We first stopped and had a Cappuccino Coffee and relaxed for a while. We then began our tour of the Zoo. I forget which animals we saw first, but there were Giraffes, and baby Giraffes, Monkeys, Wild Boar, A Tiger and much more.

About 1 pm we stopped for lunch and had burger, chips and a diet coke. We continued our stroll around the Zoo and saw the Seals, a Lion, a Hippo, and many more animals, too many to include here. It is such a lovely place to visit. When it was time to go home and as we headed back toward Heuston Station, the battery in Colin’s wheelchair began to run down.

We went into the bus depot on Cunningham Road. Luckily Colin knew some of the men from his working life who work there. I asked the manager if we could re-charge the battery in the depot, he said it was ok. We waited for about 20 minutes for the battery to recharge a little, then headed off again.  Later on we had a good laugh about the matter. We got to Heuston Station in time to get the Luas back to Tallaght.  Phew!

All in all we had a great day out.


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