My first experience doing WRAP®

As a current participant in New Horizon I have officially completed the first day of my 2 day WRAP® programme. The experience was overall a very positive one for me, seeing as this was the first time I had ever properly and actively participated in a programme of this nature.

The programme was facilitated and lead by two staff members working in the centre, Roisin and Anne, both which are very experienced and have a lot of knowledge and understanding of the core principles of what the programme signifies and entails as a whole.

Upon starting the program I felt anxious and unsure about what to expect. I had a lot of doubts of uncertainty in my head about whether or not I was capable, in my own ability, of successfully being able to following through from the start and complete the module. However any doubts of uncertainty quickly diminished once I began to write something down and began contributing to the programme.

The workbook consists of many different sections, each highlighting important points in how to go about obtaining and maintaining staying well for any given amount of time.  Personally for me every aspect contained and documented in the plan is just as essential as the next in my view.

The plan has a lot of different sections in it, such as;

  • having a wellness toolkit,
  • looking at support resources & education,
  • learning about triggers,
  • recognizing early warning signs of when things are breaking down and
  • writing up a crisis plan.

The toolkit itself consists of methods I can refer to back to and use if I need to at any time I think my wellness is beginning to slip. Trying to eliminate the possibility of another relapse occurring and knowing and acknowledging what my triggers are and how I can learn stop the situation escalating and possibly getting  worse.  Likewise the same concept of understanding applies to when I’m dealing with oncoming warning signs when they may rise.


The great thing about WRAP® is it is focused on the individual. This means people identify the techniques they use and utilize that are successful in keeping that individual staying well.  These might be different than the methods another person uses and finds effective in keeping them well. What works and what doesn’t for someone is all subjective and varies from each individual, as with anything we do in life.

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