Trip to Powerscourt

We went for a marvelous trip last week to Powerscourt house and waterfall. If you are a walker this would suit you as there is plenty to do, the scenery is only wonderful; it’s like being in a movie.

It is quite a mystical place so places give you goosebumps. We took some lovely  photographs of the building itself though the house was not open on the day. I think it’s open on a Monday.

There were a lot of tourists, at some time I felt it was like a pilgrimage.  I even gave a tree a hug!! They were so splendid I collected some crackers to give to my grandchildren. We had a lovely picnic, but I bought a burger that catered for vegetarians.  The rock formations on the waterfall were something else. It  made me feel a tingle.

I would go again. I think the prices vary to get in but it is worth it.  We got a concession going in because myself and Gemma haggled.  Saying we were from the greatest place on  earth, New Horizon. Thank god we all felt well on the day and we enjoyed ourselves. Myself and Gemma were lucky girls because we had 3 men with us who put a smile on our faces and we could not stop laughing. I would recommend it to everyone if they want to have a day of fun.

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