Our Draughts Table Project

A month or two ago, Bernadette, one of our facilitators, suggested a project to make a large draughts board for the garden.  She asked me, would I like to design and paint the draughts board and I agreed.

Bernadette made the draughts board and base, from a recycled pallet.  The first thing I had to do was to sand the board and base with an electric sander.  I then got to work on measuring and marking out the draughts board.  Using masking tape, I then started to paint in the black squares only, having decided to leave the white squares the colour of the wood.

When I had finished painting the black squares on the board, I then used masking tape to section off the board, to begin work on the border and frame.  I decided to paint the border cream and the frame brown.  Having completed the painting of the draughts board, I then painted the base for the board brown.

When I had completed the painting of the draughts and base, all that was left to do was to varnish the both of them, which I then did.  I hope everyone will enjoy using the draughts board as much as I did making it.



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