Our Snow Stories and Photos!

On 27th of Feb the snow came from cold air coming from Siberia meeting hot air from Portugal. It was called storm Emma and the Beast from the East in Dublin. It caused snow drifts which stopped public transport and cars being stopped from getting out of estates. People had to dig their way out; there was a red alert from Thursday at 16.00 until sat at 12.00 noon.

We had heavy snow at Eve New Horizon and so the centre had to close. However staff member Samantha text participants on Thursday and Friday to make sure we were all ok.  I was not able to get out of my area until help came to clear snow from the main roads, this allowed cars to drive, there were big queues in our local shop which had very little milk and bread. The vans could not get near the shops to deliver food. However the kids had a lot of fun and made snowmen in the gardens.




My memories of the Snow of 1982

In the snow of 1982 my Dad was alive along with my mother, brother and sister.  My Dad had no job  because of the economy  of  the  country at the time.  I remember the very harsh weather  that came that winter and  my mother  asked my dad to go down to the shops to buy bread  and milk and  groceries.  I  still  remember   when  my  dad opened  the   door of  the house,  the  snow  was    about  five  and  half   feet  high  he had to wear  a pair of wellingtons and  I still  remember  going  out  in  the   snow  and  playing football  with  my  friends  on the snow.  It was  a  very  bad   winter and   it  was  freezing    cold.  I  also  remember  my  Dad    coming  in  to   the  house  with the  bread and milk  and when he  came in the  door he had to take his  wellingtons off.  My   mother  seemed   to be  very  happy at  that time  and  it was a really  great  winter as I look back at it now. And    isn’t it funny  in the   winter  of   2018 in  February  we got  a lot  of  snow    and it  kept   a lot of  people  indoors  and  the  same  thing,  people  queued  for bread  and milk yet again!!

Michael O’

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