Gardening Project Update

About two weeks ago we worked on clearing all rubbish from the garden outside.  Bernadette gave us various jobs to do.  I made a kind of rockery with stones found in the garden.  Then I broke the loose tree sticks on branches.  We swept the garden at the side of the building.  We also put fencing on the side of the building.  We had music on in the background.  The weather was good, plenty of sunshine for the couple of hours.

Over the last few months participants have placed plants in the back garden.  There were different letters which were placed on wood.  A group of participants painted the letters with different colours.  They can now be seen planted out in the back garden.

The part of the project we are working on at the moment is building a seated area in our garden canopy with a homemade draughts board. We are all looking forward to this being finished and getting to use it.

Here are some pictures of the garden showing how it is all going at the moment…..

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